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The first sharing of TFK ideas at Cvijeta.ULUS and Extended Media Section again right to the point!

Glad to have the opportunity to share my first thoughts about the TFK project at 'Artist Coefficient'. - This year's exhibition by ULUS Extended Media Section delivers one more interesting concept, great organization and a very interactive exhibition! Again right to the point and in line with the present!

Annual Exhibition

ofthe Extended Media Section of ULUS,


July 22 - August 7 2023 at "Cvijeta Zuzorić" Art Pavilion

Concept: Milica Lapčević

Curtors and organization: Snežana Skoko, Milica Lapčević, Andrijana Pajović, Vesna Vesić, Vukica Vukas, Dunja Trutin, Katarina Đorđević Urošević, Nenad Jeremić

Within the framework of current topics and the struggle of cultural workers for better working conditions, the thematization of unrealized projects, that is, ideas that were never realized due to the absence of the necessary conditions for their realization, especially in the field of multimedia art projects, spontaneously arose. With this exhibition, the Extended Media Section problematizes the creative process itself, the path from the sketch to the realization and materialization of a multimedia work. Through this exhibition, which consists of documented ideas, i.e. potential representative works at the very beginning, the organizational team of the exhibition also presents its research endeavor that examines the cooperation and willingness of institutions to support the production of artistic works with their professional and technical capabilities.


Ivana Aranđelović, Boško Atanacković, Maja Beganović, Nenad Bogdanović, Dejan Bogojević, Luca Jovana Braletić, Renata Bujić, Andrei Cicală (Andrej Čikala), Elzbieta Cios-Jonas, Sławomira Chorążyczewska, Dragana Dražović-Ilić, Dea Džanković, Borjan Grujić, Marina Ilić . Radosavljević, Nina Šumarac, Igor M. Toholj, Miloš Tomić, Sanja Vasić, Aleksandra Vasović, Marija Vauda, Nenad Vučković

more about the concept:

"Documentary presentation of a potential production simultaneously means problematizing the process of creating an artistic work, examining the possibilities and capacities of realizing more technologically complex ideas, as well as rethinking the very concept of expanded media as a prerequisite for the direction of our section since its creation, which nowadays is not considered completely adequate, accurate , precise, not even current.

In this context, with the aim of supporting interdisciplinary creative approaches, we open space for a critical review of the initiatory role of technology in the conception of new artistic expressions, languages and in the materialization of ideas. This project focuses on the form of the artwork in space and time, through the examination of its most interesting and important aspect - the creative process itself.

Apprehension and uncertainty regarding the outcome of the contest for the realization of work or exhibition, dependence on institutional support that is often absent, questionable objectivity of jury decisions, insufficient presence of artists as the most important actors in the creation of cultural policy and state strategy in the field of creative industries, non-profiled and insufficiently organized technological support for the realization of artworks of expanded media consisting of sporadic collaborations, as well as the absence of any register of possible institutions open to support in production - these are some of the issues we deal with through this competition and exhibition.

Many artists do not have a space in which to realize more complex works, while the practice in this field dictates expensive and demanding realizations that are often not fully available, so in accordance with scarce personal funds and limited production possibilities, incompletely formed works or less representative versions are shown to the public original ideas of works of art, in which the artistic coefficient, according to the interpretation of Marcel Duchamp, is insignificant.

This year's edition of the Extended Media Section exhibition builds on the previously held Sixth Extended Media Triennial 2022 in the form of a problematic research-exhibition setting, which looks "behind the scenes" into the reality of artistic practice with all its challenges, striving to document three key circumstances in the creation of Extended media:

The choice of media and format in which an idea - draft in the field of extended media is realized, as well as the very definition of the term extended media; technical needs, that is, aspects of practical implementation; opportunities, capacities and register of existing, available to artists, sources of financing and production of more demanding multimedia works of art... "

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