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GAN generative Ai

Print size: 200 x 100 cm (adaptive)




This bizarre landscape of thirty-three images was created in less than an hour using (one of some recently offered on the net) ‘GAN* Ai's ‘instant’ art creating generative programs, prompted by the user’s text and a choice of preprogrammed art styles.

So, who is the artist for such art: the user, the programmer, or the machine learning algorithm?

One could argue that GANs are an artistic tool, used in much the same way as a camera. However, as Artificial Intelligence progressively bridges the gap between the capabilities of humans and machines, several important questions must be raised. Can machine learning (ML) models truly emulate the creative process that occurs when making art? And what of the cognitive and emotional interaction that takes place between an artist and an observer during the consumption of art? How will we differentiate between random digital output and authentically produced art? Will we reach a stage where GANs will replace artists? What about the legal rights for the art creation? Though some distance from that point, we are not so far as to avoid asking these questions now.

Artist Silvio Lorusso said ( for the exhibition BIBLIOTECH at NeMe Arts Centre) that the absurdism of AI, with the given access to the analogies of older forms of absurdity, hides in plain sight by perplexing us in its terminology and practices while affording us new parodies.

We are offered the possibility to explore the degree to which our present and future realities are being increasingly simulated. And to pose such questions as; at what point will we still be aware of the extent to which our perceptions, and our realities, are being shaped by the very machines we created.


Artist’s text direction for the generator was:

Barbie is killing the chickens in the forest. Birds crushing dead from the sky. Starlet nudes waiting for a kiss. The war is now.



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