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video with sound


HD (or 4K)

and 360° video

Original Length: 23:28 min

Shorter version: 5:17 min

Year: 2019

Technical support required:  

Projection on the wall with speakers or

VR headset for a 360° view or

monitor with headphones

Music: As Fast as You Can Happen (22:14)

Composer: Junior85 Producer/Engineer: Tony Higgins

Label: Records Records, CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 International License


Original video footage of Colonoscopy by DR Costas Christodoulou


© 2019 Nina Sumarac Jablonsky, Limassol, CY

This video is a recording of a computer processing an endoscopic examination, the internal view of the human (unwell) intestinal tract filmed originally by a luminous fibre optic camera. This abstracted imagery seen through the machine’s eye offers us a new vision of unexpected insight by revealing the unseen yet experienced aspects of our being while questioning the degree to which our perception of reality and its physicality is monitored by what we see.


Ovaj video je snimak komjuterske-obrade unutrašnjeg prikaza ljudskog crevnog trakta snimljenog svetlosnom optičkom kamerom. Ova apstrahirana slika viđena mašinskim okom nudi nam nove vizije neočekivanog uvida i lepote otkrivajući nevidljive, ali iskusene aspekte našeg bitisanja, istovremeno propitujući koliki stepen naše percepcija stvarnosti i njena fizikalnost je kontrolisana onim što vidimo. 

YouTube links:

Long version (23:28) -  

Short version (5:07) -



2019 ‘Through Machine Eyes’ at NeMe Arts Centre, Limassol.  Curation: James Bridle, Helene Black and Yiannis Colakides

2020 ‘ATLAS of Particles-Are you … (predictable)?’, Pavilion CVIJETA ZUZORIĆ, Belgrade. Organisation ULUS Expanded Media.

2021 UVID 21 (Insight 21), The Old Kluz building, Belgrade. Curator Neda Radoicic

2021 DeSidera curated by Samantha Benedetti and Enea Chersicola, Androna Campo, Trieste, Italy

2022 'Stories of Intimacy' The Limassol Municipal Arts Center- Apothikes Papadaki. Curated by Mariza Bargilly

2022 IDMAA MEDIA ART EXHIBITION 2022: WEIRD MEDIA Curator  Patrick Lichty, Winona State University, Minnesota, USA.

2022 VIDEOAKTION #3 by attaque(e)r le visible. Curator Lawinia Rate. Raum für drastische Maßnahmen ·Berlin

2022 fu:bar 2k22 screening program GLITCH CINEMA, curator: Ejla KOVAČEVIĆ, Zagreb, Croatia

2022 REA, Fabbrica del Vapore Milano, Italy. Curator: Paola Shiamtani

2022 Internationales Digitalkunst Festival screening at the BW 12 Diakonissenplatz Bunker, Forststraße 28, 70176 Stuttgart

2023 36. Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival for Expanded Media with the IDKF, Kunstbezirk gallery Stuttgart, Germany

2023 Kinētechós – ‘The Body and its Possible Extensions’ curated by Anna Utopia Giordano, Morphrame Gallery pavilion  The Wrong Biennale and The Wrong TV

2024 Physical exhibition of Kinētechós, The Wrong Biennale pavilion @ Fuori Visioni 8, Piacenza, Italy curated by Anna Utopia Giordano, Morphrame Gallery 



2022 Honourable Mention of The Jury by Pebbles Underground Film and Video Art Festival, Toronto, Canada





Original (long) length video. Duration 23:28 min

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