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schuma:schumi nft

is my inner nerd avatar to whom I allowed to stay a child, to create without concept and out of norms, but to dive into dreams, visions and shine a light on the other side of my personality. Embrace all of yourself, Never Hide, Have fun and make up a living!


digital collage, drawing, digital processing, animated 

In the series, I have sought to explore the concept of the universe as an expanse comprised of multiverses, in which all lived activity and experience converge in a way that defies the laws of time and space. Taking this intellectual provocation as a point of departure, each piece articulates the idea that cultural, social and political anthropology exists and develops within evolutionary multiverses throughout history. The works compress this organic oeuvre by focussing on its cellular arrangement depicted through a collage of fragments taken from images that have dominated a community of thought during various epochs throughout history. This visual praxis celebrates the complex and fruitful dynamism of multiverses as a continuation of ideas that resonate across time, whilst offering an insight into how the fabric of identity is constructed as a meta-narrative of the schism between belonging and alienation, attachment and detachment. The resulting representations are in as such cultural products that unify anxieties surrounding postmodern concepts of identity in a bid to isolate the essence of a seemingly simpler story; that we belong to no one and everyone simultaneously within a liminal multiverse. 

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ink drawings, digital processing, animated, video, gif

work in process


digital collage, drawing, digital processing, animated 

work in process


drawings 2015-21


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