Billboards for Instant 



Human-decoding mantra.


Aggression cannot beat the aggression.


Digital graphics, drawings

Video art

Varies media installation

Public art


Drawing upon ancient Hawaii wisdom and tradition Nina Sumarac transposes this faraway mantra of reconciliation upon our cacophonous contemporary me-first mind. The Hawaiian intuition holds that negative energy is trapped in our cells my/our self-isolating thoughts. Collectively these vibes create war, violence, crime and misery.  Meditating on the mantra releases us from our self-imposed isolation, blame, friction and distance bringing mankind back into harmony with itself.

In short, the simple mantra touches upon the universal need for healing that starts with one’s own responsibility – be it personal or social.

Paradoxically the mantra can also be viewed as a naïve esoteric value system that treats social and political strife as mere psychological discord resolvable by good will and purity of heart.

Finally, using the hitherto consumerist medium of billboards as a stage for reflection upon our over-loaded minds and our dysfunctional system creates a cognitive dissonance that cannot be ignored: love it or hate it the medium not only is the message, the message also becomes a medium.


Text by Costa Constantinides ,MSc Counseling Psychology  & BA in communications/political science with a minor in philosophy; writer, visionary, counselor, constructive critic and activist.