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E:SCOPE @ ATLAS of Particles-Are you … (predictable)? ULUS- Expanded Media Section @ Cvijeta

Updated: May 1, 2022

The Association of Fine Artists of Serbia (ULUS) Expanded Media Section at "Art Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzorić", Kalemegdan,

announces the exhibition

ATLAS of Particles-Are you … (predictable)?

02 July 2020 until 25 July 2020

in Pavilion CVIJETA ZUZORIĆ Mali Kalemegdan 1, 11000 Belgrade

ULUS, as a professional association of artists active in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, accomplishes its mission in promoting and

protecting the working and professional rights and interests of visual artists; securing their better social standing and accordingly securing

a better position for visual art in society; raising the quality of artistic production and organizing a referent and representative art program.

For the first time, the expanded media branch of this association is organizing an annual exhibition – which, in addition to the Triennial

Festival, aims to provide insight into the production of membership in the expanded media format, ie. time-based arts.

ATLAS of Particles – Are you … (predictable)?

The first edition of the exhibition will be held with the subtitle “ATLAS of Particles – Are you… (predictable)?”, containing both scientific and

artistic, but also wider social connotations.

According to quantum physics, particles are the smallest, sometimes hypothetical, quantities of a substance, characterized by a variety of

magnetic and wave motions, as well as different types of structures and effects. The term and definition of “particles” can be the initial

impulse for artistic research – based both on scientific and poetic principles. Also, particles as new, quantum parameters of understanding

space and time can serve as a basis for re-thinking about what defines us in material and digital space.

Predictability often implies generally accepted social, political, esthetic criteria, prejudices or expectations.

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