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ESCOPE @ UVID 21 ( Insight 21)@ RK Kluz

Updated: May 1, 2022

" UVID 21 ( Insight 21)@ RK Kluz - 53rd May Exhibition of the ULUPUDS

The May Exhibition of ULUPUDS represents one of the most important and by the number of works exhibited the largest exhibition-manifestation from the domain of applied arts and design at the The aim of the exhibition is promoting regional cooperation, creating intercultural dialogue and establishing a platform for affirmation and branding of Balkan design.

At the time of the SFRY, this event was also a significant consideration at the level of the entire state and all of its republics. Today, the independent states of the Western Balkans form a homogeneous cultural space, based on language, common heritage and centuries of common aspirations and migrations, which testify that political instability has failed to suppress all spheres of cooperation, especially those which imply an artistic dimension, certainly territorially much wider than the state borders.

Within the program of the 53rd May Exhibition – that is going to evolve under the theme UVID 21– an accompanying exhibition will be created in order to present the works of applied artists from the countries in the region."

Уметнички савет УЛУПУДС-а

Od 27. maja (19.00) do 13. juna 2021. u nekadašnjoj Robnoj kući Kluz (Resavska 34) biće otvorena 53. Majska izložba ULUPUDS-a sa temom „Uvid 21“. Tema je osmišljena kao završna etapa i meta – vizura trilogije izložbi koja je inicirana sa „Udahom“, kao primarnim životnim impulsom, koja je potom razrađena „Umetničkim prevratom“ u buntovnom, eruptivnom stadijumu, a sada predstavlja opsežnu dubinsku analizu stanja i doživljaja neposredno pred, tokom i na zalasku epidemijskog dejstva."

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