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Updated: Mar 11

So excited that my work Billboards For Instant Release, METANOIA series

was selected for the Biennial Technology - Technology is Humanity at Polytechnic of Turin, Italy

This year's concept is " PRIN CÌ PI - BUILDING FOR GENERATIONS "

Curator: Francesca Canfora

Jury: Simone Arcagni, Sergio Pace and Francesca Canfora

OPENING: 10 novembre 2022 ore 16.30 @politecnicoditorino

The concept of the curator:

"“Principles” understood as new beginnings, but also as the foundations on which to build our future, which today appears particularly complex.

The pandemic, which has affected the whole of humanity so deeply, and the recent war that has broken out in the heart of Europe have certainly put society to the test, and especially the young. And it is precisely to the new generations that Biennale Tecnologia wants to speak, proposing for them and with them a complex and articulated reflection which, starting once again from technology as an enabling principle that contributes to forging our reality, tries to give some answers, to find some fixed point from which to start again or towards which to strive to build a better, more just and democratic world. There are different meanings of the term Principle , which the Biennale wishes to deepen and investigate also through the artistic and creative universe. Principles as Foundations , understood as the prerequisites of any discipline, be it technical, legal, economic or other, or the preliminary, essential, generative knowledge. This includes issues such as democracy and rights in relation to technology, work, health and infrastructure. Principles such as New Beginnings , which describe the society a community wishes to build. Sustainability, new models of economic development, technologies and policies for innovative mobility and, more generally, reflections on the universe of young people and the direction that our technological society will take. The last key is the meaning of the active principle, essence of pharmaceutical technologies. Here the concept wants to be used to allude to all the technologies that enable innovative actions, behaviors and thoughts, which contribute to cure the ills of society or to improve its qualities. In a broader sense, technologies that are not limited to being new but which are adopted as important innovations can be conceived as "active ingredients" launched into a system and capable of enabling important effects for human life and the planet, such as digital transition, intelligent materials, energy technologies, algorithms, robots and artificial intelligence."

Alessandro Armetta | Nino Bandiera | Giordano Caruso | Francesca Casale | Matteo Casali | Valeria Ciardulli | Nicolas Crocetti | Valdis D’Onofrio | Giulia Desogus | Cecilia Di Bonaventura | gbrlstrcx | - Lab (gLab) | gu mi | Vittoria Mazzonis | Maria Angelica Mazzulli | Giulia Mezza | Lorenzo Papanti | Erika Riehle | Roberto Rubino | Michele Seffino | Barbara Sibona | Fabiana Squizzato | Nina Sumarac | Vaste Programme | Matteo Vettorello | Alex Urso | Marzio Zorio

from the opening. Photo credits Paratissma, borrowed from their Instagram page


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