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Inspired by Chiron's*  dual nature as both wounded and healer as a symbolic representation this work dives into the human condition itself. Highlighting the arbitrary nature of suffering in life and aiming to find how those same wounds, paradoxically, can become the source of healing wisdom and mastery.
* from Greek mythology, a Centaur, son of the god Cronus and the sea nymph Philyradual

"Being half-man, half-animal, Chiron embodies the conflict in all of us between the animal instincts and reason or divinity, between the Dionysian wildness of the other centaurs and the Apollonian light and order of his foster father. Yet, he falls firmly on the Apollonian side, and in many respects outshines the god of light, mastering and even furthering the arts and sciences (Greek, techne and episteme) in an attempt to compensate for his early rejection and proving, both to himself and to others, that he too is worthy of love and acceptance." Neel Burton M.D. The Myth of Chiron

Time Pause in Transcriptions or

Chirion -the wounded healer





a memory

of dying

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