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We,Trees -a workshop,The FOREST exhibition

The FOREST Parallel events 26th February, 11-13h NeMe Arts Centre Elena Gavriel and Nina Sumarac Jablonsky

The workshop 'We, Trees' is an extension of the exhibition’s aim to encourage people to reengage with nature through practices that inspire reflection, imagination and channelling, modelled on the life of trees. This guided session will provide deeper insights into how the exhibition was constructed, as participants engage in the creative process by embodying its continuity.

The development of this project includes four years organized workshops titled ‘We, Trees’ in collaboration with dance performing artist and yoga teacher Elena Gavriel.

At the first part of the workshop, Elena guided participants using various meditation practices that focus on movement, breathwork and mindfulness, to play up the parallels between their own lives and how trees live in the context of natural elements. This synthesis aims to bridge our growing disconnect from nature, resulting in most recently from the pandemic, the virtual world and urbanization by bringing the senses back into balance.

In the second part of the workshops, Nina built on the perspectives developed in part one by asking participants to illustrate their innermost self while considering the anatomical attributes of trees. For the drawings is used paper, burned wood and branches as an extension of human hands.

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