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physical exhibition of SIRENA- a Wrong Biennale Pavilion by DUMPHOUSE @ digaholezines Tokyo

Updated: Mar 24

First time in Tokyo!

"Sirena" and #DUMPHOUSE curators for a Wrong Biennale Pavilion

@digaholezines, Tokyo March 7th to the 17th 2024

SIRENA, (From Spanish - Sirena, from Late Latin - sirēna, from Ancient Greek Σειρήν - Seirḗn) for both an ocean-dwelling mythical being that humans have encountered in all civilizations, as well as the sound of the alarm that announces an emergency, ambulance, or disaster.

 The exhibition declares a state of emergency on our planet and the works curated were selected on the premise that they, together, may promote a healing conversation.

Living in the current times, SIRENA raises a voice of warning and concern over the heightened trend of war, fear-mongering and division between different nations and people, the extinction of nature, species and crucial natural resources.

Decmber 2023 online presentation of sound works

"Sirena" is an experience that is both personal and layered, a personalized, unique, carefully orchestrated experience. The achieved soundscape, layered while still revolving around a united notion/sense of both urgency and care, will therefore create a new mythology, one which only contemporary artists from vastly different backgrounds can create together, as they dive into the necessity of artistic discussion surrounding our planet’s sustainability in each of their own practices.

Artists and artworks:

· Bystander by Liu Chang – a VR experience

· Self-Control Removal System by Liu Chang and Chloe – an AR game

· Metanoia by Nina Sumarac – a sound installation

· Metamorphosis Kintsugi by Athina Kanellopoulou – a video installation to be screened using a vertical TV screen.

· Climate Change by Kayoko Nakamura – a video installation

· 300 curves by Martina Noskova – a video installation

· Ruido Rosa by Oksana Rudko - screening

· Nation Free by THE MAINSTREAM OFFICIAL – screening

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