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see you @ Schafhof ‒European Art Residency, Freising, Germany

Many Thanks to Katarina and Konstantina from MeMeraki Artist Residency Limassol, for suggesting me to the Art Residency of Schafhof in Freising, Germany.and many thanks to the Schafhof team for accepting my proposal!

I will be travelling on 3rd April and spend next two months working in beautiful Bavaria. I mean it's DREAM! Working in peace and being in nature, surrounded by trees!!!! Total visualisation of last year's wishes!

I am sooooo excited to jump into a new project and an adventure!

Team Schafhof is soo very friendly and supportive! The place provides great living spaces, artist studios, a library, an amazing exhibition space, curation and technical support!

It is a great gift of time and space. I am sooo grateful.

soon more photos are coming

"Schafhof ‒ European Art Forum Upper Bavaria in Freising near Munich

AIR↕Mission Statement

The Artist-in-Residence program (AIR) of the Schafhof –

European Art Forum Upper Bavaria is open to artists from

across Europe. The values of a borderless, open and free

continent, a Europe of regions, are reflected in the program’s

purpose and meaning. As a European art center we offer a

platform for lively exchange and a network of ideas.

All fields of contemporary visual art are represented. Forming

the main themes are the two poles of technology and nature

as central pillars of a modern and sustainable community,

which is fostered by the setting and facilities of the art center.

The location in the midst of nature and the exceptional

architecture create an atmosphere in which artists can

concentrate on their work, while they can also integrate into

the rich art scene of Munich and Upper Bavaria...."

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