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Preforming in "TIME b" by Souzana Phialas at Open Dance Festival

Updated: Mar 19

collaboration with Souzana Phialas

Grateful to dear amazing Souzana Phialas to invite me to experience preforming and take part in her project "TIME b". Amazing experience. Part of me wish so much to become a preforming artist.

"TIME B:cold shine screens" by Souzana Phialas at Open Dance Festival

Moving the New 2019-Artistic Developement Programme. Final presentations of the works in progress by the artists in residence.Limassol Municipal Arts Center – Papadakis Warehouses.

T:me B “cold shiny screens” / Suzana Phialas.Through the cold, shiny screens of the devices we are so attached to, reality is morphed into an aggressive cheeriness as users look to bump up their ratings and reputation and where “sameness” gets rid of emotional and physical pain and eradicates individualism and free will.

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