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Participating at The Workshop Practice as Research & Dramaturgy by Paul Kountouriotis @ Dance House

Updated: Mar 19

Great thanks to Paul Kountouriotis for his time to hear about my ongoing project, for his encouragement and guidance.  

Text by Dance House projects:

The workshop will provide participants with artists a number of approaches to artistic research and the skills required to undertake artistic research, the methodology and strategic planning and development process. Through short lectures, discussions and practical applications in the studio, participants will be able to develop a plan and research plan. The workshop aims to encourage the production of innovative materials, plans, conceptual and practical experiments and research, which maps the object, the content and strategy of each artist's research. This includes policy and research ethics, considering the production of digital media through classical analysis, the use of archival and electronic sources and the relationship of theoretical discussion posts on production.

O Paul Kountouriotis (GR) is a choreographer, playwright and director of the Master of Theater Practice at the University of Arts ArtEZ (NL). He has collaborated with artists such as Trisha Brown, the Marten Spangberg, the Boris Charmatz, the Ron Athey, the Ann Liv Young, etc .. He has presented performances in Europe, America and Asia and works as a dramaturge and mentor to young artists. He studied at PARTS, in Laban, and completed his PhD at Roehampton University.

Venue: House of Limassol Dance

Hours: 10: 00-13: 00 and 14: 00-16: 00

Those interested please send your CV to later than September 15, 2019.

For more information: and 25-340618

23 - 27 September 2019

Practice-as-research & Dramaturgy

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