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@ Brunches, The Art Pavilion Mile End Park, London

Updated: Mar 23

The 2nd EcoFeminism will include a multimedia exhibition titled 'Branches', and the ECOFeminism Short Film Festival,under the umbrella of contemporary Ecofeminism, advocating for an alternative worldview that values the Earth as sacred, recognizes humanity's dependency on the natural world, and embraces all life as valuable.

This signature event is inspired by the ECOFeminism movement that originated in the 1970s, which explores the relationship between nature and women. It is an opportunity to reflect on the continuing relevance of the ECOFeminism movement in our current ecological crisis.

The Festival features an extensive programme of parallel events, including workshops, talks, performances, and poetry readings.

Festival Events 14-17 Mar 2024, The Art Pavilion

Exhibition 'Branches' 13-17 Mar 2024, The Art Pavilion

ECOFeminism Short Film Festival: Sat 23 Mar 2024, Genesis Cinema, 6-8.30 pm

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