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@ Ties That Cannot Be Unbound by UAAD & New Art City online metaverse gallery on Saturday 25th March

Updated: Mar 16

Happy to say that our work I’ll See You in The Trees is part of the exhibition Ties That Cannot Be Unbound, organized by Underground Art And Design (UAAD) and New Art City online gallery, among the incredible line-up of artists: Flavia Manzetti, Reza Sedghi, SueKi Yee, Wei Wu, Xinyi Wu, Yilin Zhang, and Zheyuan Zhang. Curators Zhi Ye & Xiaofan (Amy) Jiang, New York.

Enter the exhibition here:

About The Opening Event

The opening event for our online exhibition "Ties That Cannot Be Unbound," which will be held on March 25th at 11:00 am EST / 16:00 GMT / 17:00 EU Time/ 23:00 China Time. This event will be hosted on Zoom and live-streamed in UAAD space at New Art City.

The opening event will feature a 360° guided tour of the exhibition, allowing viewers to explore the artworks and learn about the exhibition's themes of kinship, multispecies, interconnectedness, and intersectionality. After the tour, we will conduct artist Q&A sessions where viewers can engage with the artists and curatorial team, discussing their creative processes, influences, and inspirations.

Additionally, UAAD will offer a mapping feature during the opening event that will allow attendees to share their location on a virtual map, creating a sense of community and connection between viewers worldwide. We encourage attendees to use this Padlet feature to introduce themselves, share their thoughts and impressions of the exhibition and connect with other attendees who share their interests.

This interactive element will make the event even more engaging and memorable, allowing us to connect with one another despite our physical distance. We invite you to join us for this immersive, sensorial experience curated with love, care, and respect for the artists and the land.

We hope you will join us on March 25th for a thought-provoking and inspiring event that celebrates the artistic and cultural values of nature, queerness, environmental and social justice, mythologies, ancestral knowledge, and memory.

About The Exhibition

When the umbilical cord is cut, the biological bond between the baby and the mother is removed. Simultaneously, our bodies begin to weave new connections with the world, rendering us not solitary beings but a fragment of a complex, intricate system that has been beyond our comprehension.

Ties shape our narratives, but what stories do they tell? Are our relationships with entities on the planet, including living and non-living beings, sustainable and harmonious? Or do they reflect a distorted and anthropocentric view of the world? Can we reframe and reshape these ties to build a better future for all?

Ties That Cannot Be Unbound invites you to explore the interconnectedness of spirituality and physicality through art in both new and traditional media. What ties are impossible to unbind, and why? Does art have the power to challenge and transform our understanding of these ties? Step into the exhibition space, constructed on a virtual platform with shapes of organic creatures that becomes a habitat for multimedia artworks. Discover a spectrum of ties that encompass diverse forms of connections, each occupying a distinct position on the spectrum. Are these ties merely threads in a larger network, or do they reflect something deeper about our relationship with the world?

Participating artists: Alina Tofan, Daecheon Kim, Flavia Mazzanti, Iliana Sun, Ishraki Kazi, Julie Sperling, Ke Peng and Yueshen Wu, Lyndsey Walsh, Nina Sumarac, Reza Sedghi, SueKi Ye, Van O, Wei Wu, Xinyi Wu, Yilin Zhang, Youju Kang, Zivvy Epstein, Zhao Jiajing, Zheyuan Zhang.

(Please note that this list may include additional names in the future.)

About The Organizer And Gallery Partner

Underground Art And Design was founded in October 2022 as an international media platform focused on empowering talented, change-provoking, and forward-thinking artists and designers through accessible information, resources, and a platform to show themselves. UAAD envisions a community of support, across disciplines and time zones, to bring inspiration, innovation, and provocation to the world we live in. Visit: for more information.

Our gallery partner is New Art City, an online multiplayer exhibition space for digital art and performance. New Art City is an artist-run organization dedicated to supporting artists, providing virtual space for those who are denied physical space, and amplifying the work of those who face systemic injustice. You can find their work at\

Our lives are shaped by the ties that bind us to the world around us. These ties weave networks of relationships that make up our narratives and help us navigate the complexities of our planet.

UAAD invites you to explore these connections with Ties That Cannot Be Unbound, an online exhibition that discusses the interconnectedness of spirituality and physicality, the blurred boundaries between the living and the non-living, and the ties between our bodies and the environment. Featuring outstanding works in sound, image, film, and interaction, this exhibition responds to the question: what kinds of ties are impossible to unbind? Join us on a journey of self-discovery and collective action towards a more sustainable and harmonious future.

Get tickets today for free! Link in bio!

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