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Find The Artist @ online exhibition by Plexus Project, curated by Laura Splan, New York

Updated: Mar 14

Grateful to be a part of an online exhibition as cool as #guigooey that was put together by Plexus Projects and curator Laura Splan, Thank you!

GUI/GOOEY MAR 1 – MAY 1, 2023 curated by Laura Splan (@laurasplan) link

Plexus Projects (@plexusprojects) is pleased to present GUI/GOOEY, an online group exhibition of technological explorations of the biological world. The exhibition includes artworks that examine notions of “life” and “nature” with computational, digital, and virtual tools. The selected artists reflect a range of perspectives with international representation from thirteen countries. Together they simultaneously interrogate liminal sensations and materialities of membranes and interfaces, bits and bodies. #guigooey #plexusprojects

ARTISTS Abraham Homer US; Alt23 MT; Andrea Mikyska DE; Anni Garza-Lau, Yunuen Vladimir, Hugo Escalpelo, Lilianha Dominguez MX; Brian Zegeer US; Cezar Mocan PT; Derzu Campos MX; Dexter Callender III US; Diana Scarborough UK; Dylan Rundle US; Elaine Whittaker CA; Electric Skin TR/FR/US/ES; Ellen Bjerborn SE; Finn Dugan US; James Bascara US; Jeff Thompson US; Josh Urban CA; Katina Bitsicas, Rachel Strickland US; Keaton Fox US; Kimberlee Koym-Murteira US; Lolo Ostia US; Lizz Thabet US; Mark Ramos, Ziyang Wu US/CN; Morgan Green, Andrew Bearnot US; Nina Sumarac CY; Reid Arowood US; Ryan Woodring US; Sarah Buckius US; Yousif Alzayed, Ben Glass, Yimei Zhu US

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