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@ END OF CAPITALISM - Point of departure,89th ULUS Spring Exhibition @ Art Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzorić

Updated: Mar 16

3 – 20 May 2023.

Program of the 89th ULUS Spring Exhibition @ Art Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzorić

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"It is not entirely true that it is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism, as many contemporaries emphasize. This order does not work at all, the only thing it produces with certainty is inequality, crises and poverty. Therefore, avenues of abolition are sought. The end is already being thought about a lot, concepts are being tested in practice, teams are being formed, forces are being gathered, actions are sprouting from the instability of the usurped world. More and more often, shifts come from artistic circles, from people actively involved in imaginative and social work, who know very well how much that work must not be and is devalued. There, on the border between the world of life and the world of art, as porous as the cynicism that maintains it - is the place of another power. And at the same time the end point.

This year, the ULUS Spring Exhibition is moving towards that point, through prefiguration in the service of an alternative, in which participants will assume and share responsibilities for making art/world/society/life. Artists, groups and individuals, large and small collectives, are invited to propose an alternative to the existing way of working - models that enable a dignified life and active public action, with the condition that they are not based on exploitation and that all actors have equal opportunities to participate in making decisions and model building. In the period from 3-11. On May, the participants of the exhibition and everyone who wants to, worked together to design alternative practices in the domain of economy, politics, society, ecology, education and virtual space. After that, there is a period for rehearsals, performances and presentations of the designed models, with public hearings and discussions about what has been done.

We remain faithful to the production of sociality. It is the goal and at the same time a condition for progress, a kind of tool for broader moves that, from a micropolitical point of view, strive to create conditions for real changes in production relations. The question of the technique of the act, that is, how these relationships change, after all the historical defeats - remains to be investigated and found. Necessities are recognized, as well as needs. Therefore, the 2023 Spring Exhibition is dedicated to social superstructure, building an alternative, in direct contact with the audience and all actors in the field of artistic and social production."


Political issues cluster: Aleksandra Kokotović, Miloš Kovačević, Viktor Cvejić, Ratibor Trivunac, Isidora Spasić, Marija Srećković Karanfilović, IFDT and Vera Merovah, Nebojša Živanović, Aleksandar Zarić and Olja Nikolić Kia [on behalf of the PI Committee: Irena Ristić and Slobodan Sailović]

Economic issues cluster: Mara Janković, Aleksandar Kraus, Milica Kočović de Santo, Ana Marinović, Debate program of ULUS, Sara Milojević, Isidora Fićović, Renata Bujić, Milica Ružičić, Aleksandra Plavšić, Milana Lana Paunović, Nevena Popović and Katarina Đ. Urošević [on behalf of the PI Committee: Danilo Prnjat and Maja Simić]

Social issues cluster: Our House, Prostor and Mina Aleksić, Marko Pejović, Zorica Nikić, Nina Šumarac, Milica Marjanović, Veselin Banjević, Ana Stefanović, Dunja Ćorlomanović, Edvina Romanović Hudečkova, Viktor Cvejić, Olja Nikolić Kia and Tanja Marković [on behalf of the Committee PI: Kristina Ristić and Irena Ristić]

Cluster Metaverse of questions: Decentrala, Nikola Zamurović, Nemanja Nikolić Prika, minipogon [Chow Sing Tai], Igor Blagojević, Tijana Fišić, Vladimir Stanojević and Viktor Cvejić [on behalf of the PI Committee: Jovanka Mladenović and Slobodan Sailović]

Environmental issues cluster: Tatjana Šoštarić, Predrag Momčilović, Forest University, Ivan Vidanović, Slobodan Vračar, Nenad Vučković, Jelica Ćulafić, Viktor Cvejić, Olja NIkolić Kia and Ranko Kalpić [on behalf of the PI Committee: Sanja Tomašević and Danilo Prnjat]

Educational issues cluster: Forest University [Višnja Kisić and Goran Tomka], : Laboratory for production of interrupts [Olja Nikolić Kia, Tanja Marković, Marija Perković, Marinela Neralić, Dubravka Crnojević Carić], Vojislav Klačar, Vera Večanski, Marija Đurić, Nina Šumarac, Ivana Dragosavljević, Dušan Stipić Dudwarszky, Ljubica Beljanski Ristić, Linda Becker, Živka Suvić, Dejan Bogojević and students [on behalf of the PI Committee: Maja Simić, Kristina Ristić and Sanja Tomašević]

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