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E:SCOPE @ IDMAa's exhibition,"Weird Media" at the University of Wyoming. Curator Patrick Lichty

Updated: Mar 10

So happy to find my name on the list of artists for this year's IDMAa's exhibition, "Weird Media" at the University of Wyoming!! It feels so great to be selected by The curator Patrick M Lichty and such an impressive jury including celebrated Iranian illustrator and artist Negin Ehtesabian Lichty, Transfer Gallery and Gray Area co/curator Wade Wallerstein, Digital pioneer Cynthia Beth Rubin, Roger Boulay, Gallery Director at Winona State University, and Brandon Gellis, Co-Director: Center for Design Thinking at the University of Wyoming! Feeling grateful! Am truly honoured and happy!! Feeling grateful! Am truly honoured and happy!

"This year’s iDMAa Conference, Exhibition, and Workshop will be focused on the theme “Weird Media” In keeping with iDMAa’s commitment to “militantly marginal” media practices, this year’s theme will focus on unconventional media studies—from the odd to the uncanny, from the suspiciously animated to the supernaturally ordained, from the familiar forms to far-out fabulations, from established to the emergent—we welcome fresh perspectives that offer insights into how strange mediation can be.

The Conference will feature a keynote address by Stephanie Boluk and Patrick LeMieux, authors of Metagaming: Playing, Competing, Spectating, Cheating, Trading, Making, and Breaking Videogames (U of MN Press, 2017). The event will also include talks by artists and scholars, including, Margaret Dolinsky, Jennifer Gradecki, Amay Kataria, Talan Memmott, Stephanie Tripp, Giovanna Sun, Merit Thursday, Paul Echeverria, Yamin Xu, Betsy Pike, Josie Cutara, Patrick Lichty, Kristen Lillvis, David Wright, Daniel Lichtman, Rob Wittig, and Chris Blair.

The Exhibition is curated by Patrick Lichty and juried by celebrated Iranian illustrator and artist Negin Ehtesabian, Wade Wallerstein (co-curator Transfer Gallery and Gray Area), digital pioneer Cynthia Beth Rubin, Roger Boulay (Gallery Director, WSU) and Brandon Gellis (Co-Director: Center for Design Thinking, University of Wyoming) and will feature experimental works by over 80 digital artists from around world, including A. P. Vague, Alan Sondheim, Alessandro Amaducci, Alex McKenzie and Dana Potter, Alien AI, Amay Kataria, Andre Perim, Andrey Rylov, Nastya Yatskhey, Alisa Ustinova, Asra Qarakhani, Aya Shabbar, Brian Skalak, Caitlin Fisher, Carrie Fonder, Carter Hodgkin, Citron | Lunardi, Colin Goldberg, David Thomas Henry Wright (with Chris Arnold), Davide Porta, Derek Curry & Jennifer Gradecki, Diane Marsella, Dominick Rivers, Ellen Jantzen, Ershad Fatahian, Eva Davidova, F. C. Zuke, Farnoush Daroudgar, Frederick Maheux, Ghazaleh Seidabadi, Giovanna Sun, Gregory Little, Heejoo Kim, Isabella Uliasz, IZABELLA RETKOWSKA, Jack Bordnick, Jaka Železnikar, Jason Ramey, Jesse Farber, John C.S. Keston, Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Joseph DeLappe, Justin Lincoln, Karl Erickson, Kat Mustatea, Kate Hollenbach, Kayoko Nakamura, Keif Oss, Liz Wierzbicki, Malavika Mandal Andrew, Margaret Dolinsky, Marjan Andaroodi, Merit Thursday, Mez Breeze, Michael Jantzen, Michael Marks, Mina Cheon, Nina Sumarac Jablonsky, Patrick LeMieux, Pavel Checkulaev, PlantBot Genetics Inc (aka Wendy DesChene + Jeff Schmuki), RAY LC, Renata Janiszewska, Robert B. Lisek, Ryan Lewis, S4RA, Scott Kildall, Stephanie Tripp, Sue Beyer, Taehee Kim, Talan Memmott, Tommy Mintz, Vincent DeZutti, Vladimir Kalnitsky, Will Luers, Yamin Xu, Yvette Granata, and Zen Cohen."

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