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i give my rib for art :)at the workshop POLYPHONIZE run Grace Schwindt & E.KA.TE. Nicosia

Updated: Mar 11

So happy to be part of the very moving and inspiring workshop The Polyphonize with artist Grace Schwindt and Ilina Chervonnaya, organized by The Chamber of Fine Arts Cyprus and The POLYPHONIZE team (Ilina Chervonnaya and Katerina Neofytidou)

Duration: October 28th till November 5th at E.KA.TE.Nicosia.

"This workshop is part of Schwindt's ‘Movement and Sound Archive’ which questions hierarchies within the Western society where violence and entitlement on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs, are normalized. The intention is to dismantle the idea of ‘tolerance’ where some claim to be in a position to tolerate from a distance and from above, but others are assumed to be in need to be tolerated. Grace Schwindt insists on the necessity for direct touch between individuals, the kind of touch that invites closeness without the need to explain oneself, to share experiences of defending and creating safe spaces, working with trauma, its influences and metamorphosis.

Instead of using words, participants were proposed to use sounds and movements in order to create a ‘Silent Archive’ where silence refers to sounds and movements that do not chatter in a futile attempt to represent reality but act. From the ‘Silent Archive’ collected /created by participants a music piece and a choreography of simple movements will be developed and presented on the POLYPHONIZE project website and will become part of a big international show proposed by Grace Schwindt.\" Text by Grace Schwindt, Katarina Neofytidou

So grateful for a meeting, bonding, feeling safe and healing with Grace Schwindt, Anna Psalti, Elena Adamou, Georgia Michaelides and Ilina Chervonnaya.

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