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at IKONO TV during 2022 UN Climate Change Conference, COP27, UNFCCC Sharm El-Sheikh, Egyp

Updated: Oct 16

I am so excited and honoured that video intro for I'll See You in Trees was selected to be screened at Ikono TV channel during 2022 UN Climate Change Conference, COP27,27th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC this year in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

During the entirety of the conference, from 6 - 18th November 2022, a curated selection of contemporary video works & short films based on environmental themes, ecology, and climate change will be shown from ART SPEAKS OUT channel-Ikone TV on multiple screens in Sharm el-Sheikh and streamed on ikonoTV platform.

Don't miss this great chance during the COP27 conference to see innovative, inspiring, educational and critical works by some world-known and emerging video artists and filmmakers at the Ikono TV channel Art Speaks Out.

* IkonoTV - the world’s first video art streaming platform.

* COP27 - UN initiated an international conference on Climate Change. 7-18 November, Egypt -

The hope is that COP27 will be the turning point where the world came together and demonstrated the requisite political will to take on the climate challenge through concerted, collaborative and impactful action. Where agreements and pledges were translated to projects and programs, where the world showed that we are serious in working together and in rising to the occasion, where climate change seized to be a zero sum equation and there is no more " us and them" but one international community working for the common good of our shared planet and humanity

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My video 'I'll See You in The Trees" intro you can see here

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