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Contemporary Landscape at CICA Museum, Korea

Updated: May 4, 2021

"Nothing Compares To You" presented on "Contemporary Landscape" at CICA Museum ,Korea., about CICA

Contemporary Landscape

CICA Museum Part 1. June 2 – 18, 2017 Part 2. June 23 – July 9, 2017

Part 1. 2017.06.02-18. Part 2. 2017.06.23. – 07.09.

Featured Artists 참여작가:

Part 1. Amanda Bulger, Nir Dvorai, Katarína Dubovská, Pearlie Frisch, Peggy Gentleman, Anthony Hamilton, Lyrical Seojeong Han /한서정, Nina Sumarac Jablonsky, Soo-man Jeon /전수만, Han Byul Kang /강한별, Sarah Lynn Kelly, (Jessie)Jihyun Lee/이지현, Marc Lee, Alejandro Loureiro Lorenzo, John Morris, Jeong Park /박정훈, Pavel Romaniko, Martina Shenal, Hannah Shimabukuro, Nicholas Skowron, Clinton Sleeper

Part 2. Phil America, Miya Ando, J. Kimo Arbas, Isabelle Arvers, Nicole Baker, Jessica Bellamy, Collin Bradford, Jenny Day, Carol Elkovich, Madeleine Finley, Rachel Frank, Lisa Gronseth, Jamie Hahn, Alex Ingersoll, Anders Johnson, Marek Konatkowski, Beth Krensky, Vesper KWon (DaYe Kwon) /베스퍼권(권다예), Eunji LEE /이은지, Jesus.H.Mayor, Elizabeth Mead, Ruxandra Mitache, Jen Pak, Federico Pozuelo, James Proctor, Benjamin Rosenthal, s/n, Raul Moyado Sandoval, Seowon /서원, Hara Shin/ 신하라, Patrick Topitschnig, Nicolas Vionnet, Eun young Yang /양은영, Yan Zhou

Started from the sculptor Czong Ho Kim’s studio in 1994, Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (CICA) became a unique cultural space founded and cultivated by him. Not only CICA fosters projects of experimental artists, we are open for everyone to learn about Contemporary Art and apply it to one’s life. We aim to provide a creative, yet comfortable space for artists and the community to nurture their creative and critical thinking with visual culture while they communicate with each other.

CICA Museum has a collection of Czong Ho Kim’s sculptures, paintings, and architecture, as well as many renowned international artists’ works. For special exhibitions, we exhibit Contemporary Art pieces including painting, sculpture, and new media art. CICA also offers education and public programs for the cultural development of local communities.

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