• Nina Sumarac Jablonsky

Who is inspired with whom? Zenon Jepras one of my idols - I can believe we met.

There is no better compliment than when you receive it from someone whose work has inspired you all those years of study and whose work has a deep impact on you.

So finally Zenon Jempras exhibition came to Limassol at Morfi. So excated to see and finaly meet my great inspiration artist i bring his book with me ofcourse hoping to get autogram but for my best ever suprise i ve got much more The Horneble Dedication.

In fact, when I was introduced to my Great Inspration, not only that Zenon knew my name, but he pulled out his phone on which he had photos of my work !!! and what I have been waiting all these years to say in his face : "You are my inspiration !! I love your art !!" shocked I listened as he speaks that to me! ??!. It was better than any mermaid song. O my God, this I could not even dreamed !!! Zenon Jempras i love you! - one of my painting soul brother! is it possible ? energy that connects us beyond the physical is the strongest .this always find a way to pass messages.... and put us together. Thank you

Zenon Jampres , November, Morfi Gallery.

Just before we met.

I was so excited what happen there that, for my misfortune, I forget to make any photo to memorize the moment.

But i have photo of this

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