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04.02. - 04.03.2015 Lush Art in Austere Times, IsNotGallery, Nicosia

Despite difficult times in which we find ourselves, yesterday's “Lush Art in Austere Times” exhibition, at IsNotGallery in Nicosia, was quite successful! The art pieces shown were carefully selected with definite eye of Mr. Andros Efstathiou and were priced so favorably. The Gallery was full. Again, everything seems to feel all right , like in not-long-ago-good-times. Successful night, to the great pleasure of art lovers and artists. For all those who missed the opening, the exhibition will be open until the 4th of March.Do not miss it, at least to see it. Quality art, if not anything else, definitely cures the soul!​

IMG_5617 - Copy.JPG
IMG_5624 - Copy.JPG
IMG_5625 - Copy (2).JPG

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