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@1821: Collective Memories at Limassol Municipal Arts Center- Apothikes Papadaki.

Updated: Mar 10

Until September 25, 2021

Tuesday - Friday 10.00-18.00

Saturday 10.00-14.00

In parallel, the blue and white of the flag, the red of the bloodshed, the cross, the yatagan and the crescent, the archbishopric mitre and the Muslim turban turn into emblematic symbolisms of a collective identity that extends beyond the archetypal, bipolar juxtaposition of good and evil, penetrating into a reverse, dynamic perspective in the perception of History

Dr. Nadia Anaxagorou

Curator of the exhibition

Participating with the piece


Residual Heroines, MULTIVERSE*

Nina Sumarac

Size: 80x60cm, Oval shape wooden board.

Pigment inks, oil, acrylic, colour pencils, collage on paper and wood

Year: 2021


Humanity is a narrative of epochs. This residual discourse trickles down from one generation to the next, echoing the past within the present in partial forms, which we perform as contemporary metanarratives through lived experience. To varying degrees, this is how we understand ourselves and others. ‘Residual Heroines’ emphasises this dialogue of fractured totality and its survival through a series of uncanny reflections that are held together within a tapestry of mutable forms on the cusp of evolution. The central figure residing over these complex states of being articulates the irresolute tensions of this archaic praxis as a negotiation of traditions, traumas, identity, belonging, displacement, and change in a way that blurs the boundaries between beauty and disturbance, pleasure and pain. She is synonymous with the inquisitions of contemporary culture and a raconteur who is working through the narratives that often left her quarantined. Text: Dr Frosoulla Kofterou


Inspiration and References:

Portrait of Lieutenant General Manto Mavrogenous, heroine of the Greek War of Independence in 1821, Lithography by Adam Friedel (1827); Milja Marin Partisan of People's Liberation Army of Yugoslavia during World War II; painting “The sortie of Messologhi” by Theodore Vryzakis (1853); painting “Le Massacre de Chio”s by Eugène Delacroix (1824); Portrait of “Laskarina Bouboulina” by Anonymous; painting “Souliotisses” by Georgios Miniatis; painting “Anchored Boats” by Konstantins Volanakis (1895) Photos of missing persons following 1974 war in Cyprus; Oxi Day 28. October 1940 of Greek Resistance during the Axis occupation; The Annan Plan, also known as the Cyprus reunification plan, a United Nations proposal to resolve the Cyprus dispute 2004; Traditional Cyprus folk costume; Türkmen folk costumes from Merkez Kapıkaya, Turkey; Victorian lady in lace collar and cuffs and puffed-sleeve dress; Armenian traditional costume; Serbian traditional costume; Venetian bridge Tzelefos Bridge (γεφύρι του Τζιελεφού), Paphos forest Varvaros River (Barbarian); Kosovo Maiden Uroš Predić, 1919; Sandro Botticelli - The Birth of Venus (1486); Greek mythological creature Cerberus (Κέρβερος), a multiheaded dog often referred to as the hound of Hades , that guards the gates of the Underworld to prevent the dead from leaving; Athens, City of Gods; Pandemic 2021;

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