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work on the animation

By collaborating with animators, the contributions took shape within an animated context enhanced by added effects of foliage moving in the breeze. This helps the audience work towards a suspension of disbelief as the 100 individually animated trees synchronise into a ‘real’ forest.

Work in Animation and video editing sponsored by Lab for Animation Research (LAR), Limassol

Contributors: animation: Marinos Savva, video editing: Christos Georgiou and producer: Nicos Synnos 

Lab for Animation Research (LAR) is operating as a research centre for studying art animation. Specifically, Lar operates as a lab within the Department of Fine Arts of the Cyprus University of Technology and aims at studying the artistic possibilities of animation. LAR will use a wide range of digital and “traditional” technologies and artistic practices as methods to experiment, study and develop innovative expressive methods for creating animation artworks.

Studying the movement of the trees required hours of walking in nature by watching the trees. Then all the videos were sent to the animator which was further working to mimic natural movements on our drawn trees.




Marinos Savva working on the animation to create the most believable movement for each tree.

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