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all the trees

The idea for the forest project is born in my art classes. Every new student, when meeting the drawing materials, for the first project, was asked to draw the Portrait of the Tree, using charcoal (from the burnt tree) and paper (from wood pulp).   While considering the anatomical attributes of trees, each drawing becomes personal and unique, a reflection of the innermost self of the one who drew it.  After some years many trees were been produced... In my mind, I started to see the forest, a brotherhood of people and trees. From the year 2019,  I organized more drawing workshops and invite people from different fields. I witnessed the opening up, rooting, growing, branching, leafing,  blooming of people and trees. They remembered nature and the need for connection to it.  Exactly that was my inspiration to continue. With the formal approval of each participant, the digital images of their drawings were collected and used in the "planting" of the digital forest in the project "I'll See You In The Trees".

Huge thanks to all the contributors for their drawings, love and support which were an inspiration and seeds for the vision of this project.

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