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in May @POMA new media platform,Košice, Slovakia

I happy to share that my work KO.VIDI was selected to be shown at POMA platform for new media art, exhibition of international and slovak media artists in public space in Košice, Slovakia.

Poma is unique project which shows contemporary media art to the

public audience. It is located in the park between the train station and the city center of Košice and it’s open every day after dark.

POMA is curated by Nano vjs (Beáta Kolbašovská, Jakub Pišek).

Nano vjs is a visual media art collective founded in 2010 in Košice, Slovakia.

The opening of the group exhibition will be in the middle of May in Košice, Slovakia. From April Poma's Instagram will announce the event and announce all selected artists, aswell as host a public event on FB.

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