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at Rare Effect vol 3, Lisbon and Metaverse

Pleased to announce that my work 'I'll See In the Trees' is showing at Lisbon's Rare Effect vol 3 and in the Metaverse, the 'Regeneration' room within-subject of Migration.

This year Rare Effect is being partially funded by the Portuguese national culture fund DGArtes and the project is being led by Arroz Estúdios & Art Progression Now


OCT 27, 2022


NOV 6, 2022


Rare Effect Vol 3

The theme for this year's Rare Effect is to build awareness on the issues surrounding Migration. “Migration is happening all around us. It's a part of many animals' yearly cycle and it's necessary for our acceleration in the technological world. As humans we have developed the ability to migrate but it's not always a privilege afforded to us all.”

Through the concept of Migration, the exhibition will feature many different types and mediums of digital art, including screen based crypto art, VR, AR, projections, performances, music and cultural panels to discuss what it’s happening and changing in the cultural and technology world.

The Migration theme has been broken down into 5 categories:

*Climate Migration* The forced migration of humans & species due to climate change.

*Transhumanism* The migration of the human consciousness into computer systems.

*Freedom of Movement & Forced Human Displacement* Due to conflict or persecution (refugees).

*Seasonal Migration Systems* Swarms, flocks, pods...

*Gentrification vs. Regeneration* The process of city development and how we can nurture our communities as they grow.

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