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@ Kinētechós /// Morphrame Pavilion at The Wrong Biennale

Updated: Mar 17

I am literally elated to share that another pavilion of this year's Wrong Biennale also selected my work! E:SCOPE will be part of

Kinētechós curated by Anna Utopia Giordano and the Morphrame Gallery Pavilion at The Wrong Biennale and screened on the Wrong TV channel too.

Exhibition duration 1st November 2023 - 1st March 2024

Kinētechós or ‘The Body and its Possible Extensions’(the working title)is the video art exhibition curated by Anna Utopia Giordano and hosted by Morphrame as an online pavilion of The Wrong Biennale 2023/2024, delves into and beyond the boundaries of the body, immersing itself in the constant ever-shifting dynamics of (in)existence. This showcase aims to transcend conventional notions of the body as a biological entity, in the direction of illuminating its nature as a dynamic structure – a living organism floating and acting within the multi-dimensional flux. Kinētechós unfolds the body's narrative as a network within the personal, social, and global fabric, a structure that seamlessly transcends into the virtual realm, shifting boundaries and reshaping the concept of individuality. The body becomes a flexible, porous membrane, evolving while retaining its core unity, embodying both singularity and multiplicity, and dancing within the (in)finite multiverse.

Artists: Black7even, Matteo Campulla, Vinit Dharia, Benedito Ferreira, Hong Huo, Khireddine Khaldoun, Iza Koczanowska, Mehryl Ferri Levisse, Daria Lukina, Diego Mac, Emese Nagy, Zander Porter, Jean-Michel Rolland, Stathis Roukas, Meltem Sahin, Alex Sala, Nina Sumarac, Sabina Suru, Thomas Valianatos, Tansy Xiao.

The Wrong Biennale is an art driven, innovative and collaborative biennial megashow, online and offline, bringing together curators, artists and institutions from all over the globe, open to participation and awarded with SOIS Cultura 2019 and an honorific mention at S+T+ARTS 2020. Celebrating digital art culture since its first edition in 2013, more than 8000 artists and curators from all over the world have officially participated at The Wrong Biennale.

Utopia is an Italian creative director, poet, artist, and performer.

She attended scientific high school in Milan, graduating with top marks, and she graduated with honors in Philosophy (Università Statale di Milano) with a thesis on Network Science. Her primary philosophical interests encompass epistemology, logic, and gnoseology.

Her creative aptitude and technical skills led her to work as a graphic and web designer immediately after high school. Over the years, she has evolved into a freelance creative and art director, collaborating with both private clients and agencies. Her artistic activities span across multiple fields, utilizing diverse media tailored to each project. Her portfolio encompasses digital art, poetry, performance, artificial intelligence, and video production. She explores linguistic and sound research as well as visual philosophy...

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