(work in process)

Concept and digital processing: Nina Sumarac Jablonsky

Animation and video editing: Nicos Synnos


Drawings: various participants listed within the catalog


Theme: Inspiration for the title is taken from the lyrics  “Sycamore Trees” by Angelo Badalamenti / David K. Lynch

For Carl Jung, the tree symbolized the Self, androgyny (integration and equality between the masculine and feminine principles), and individuation.

 “I see you in the trees” is a comparative study of people and trees, which explores humanity and its complexities within the context of nature, thus forging a path to self-realization. In a bid to convey dynamic connectivity, which neutralizes bias while initiating empathy and compassion, participants were asked to illustrate their innermost self while considering the anatomical attributes of trees. It is these deep personal insights, which the artist has forested into a collective plantation of 100 curated selves/people that offers viewers a truly polyphonous experience. Each depiction is unique, flawed and beautiful.



© 2019 Nina Sumarac Jablonsky , Limassol, Cyprus